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– The episode kicks off with a chaotic vacation experience. Josh’s father throws a curveball by choosing a bar over grocery shopping, leaving everyone scrambling to find an alternative. Cue a trip to Walmart that takes longer than anticipated, throwing their plans off track.

– Upon returning to their resort, they are met with news of a scary incident involving Josh’s two-year-old son and a pool mishap. However, thanks to their quick-thinking wife and niece, their son is safe with no lasting effects. Despite the guilt, the speaker shares their enjoyment of the beautiful weather, beach, and even a mesmerizing double rainbow.

– The episode takes a sharp turn as Rob recounts a grueling work adventure. With an early morning market meeting, the speaker is on the lookout for a shift and ends up taking on double the workload, resulting in an exhausting day that starts at 6:30 AM and ends around 10:30 PM.

– Along the way, Rob shares an amusing distraction with a website called “” and a coworker with an NFC chip implanted in their hand.

– Josh reveals an unfortunate run-in with the law, receiving a speeding ticket during their vacation. They haven’t discovered the cost of the ticket yet but share the experience with our listeners.

– The Appleboys Podcast introduces a new sponsor, Contact Wearables, a cool and easy-to-use NFC product that allows users to program and share information with a simple touch.

– The episode wraps up with a quirky tale of Cory’s visit to the Clerks store, the metal-roll-up-doored video store next to Kevin Smith’s podcast studio. Though they couldn’t get in, the adventure was certainly memorable.

– Finally, Rob shares some hilarious work mishaps involving colleagues that lead to improper sales handling, forgotten alarms, and a customer nearly receiving an extra phone.

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