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Apologies for the delay between episodes. We’re having some issues with our audio being significantly out of sync, and it makes editing the episodes take substantially longer. There are still timing issues in this episode and we walk over each other more than usual. Also, big shout out to Jimmy for editing this episode for us. It was not going to get done any time soon if it had been up to me (Josh), as I just have no time.

We open the episode discussing the new Hogwarts Legacy video game and our ability (or inability) to do cock pushup(s)… Then we discuss strategies to eat kangaroos. This leads us to some more animal discussion and an invitation for JK Rowling to come onto our show and discuss trans seahorses. Should Josh start tweeting at Jo daily about this?

Josh gets blamed for our “Intrusive Thoughts” episode getting cut short and scrapped. Apparently, the rest of the group thought he was having gay dreams about his brothers and staged an intervention.

Cory talks about his trip to Michigan. Jimmy gets defensive. Then he tells about going to IKEA in Atlanta to buy some rugs. Then he goes to a show to see “Show Me The Body” – which is a band, apparently. Do we use ChatGPT to script our show? Maybe…

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