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We open the show by celebrating the HUGE news! After 386 consecutive days of tweeting at them, Miller Lite officially followed us on Twitter! As of recording, we are 1 of only 6 accounts they follow, the only podcast, and by far the smallest account. We’re very excited to have accomplished this goal and proud of it! After we spend a bit of time on that, we try some “Social Tonics” from Hiyo, talk extensively about Cory’s bachelor party weekend in Atlanta, which included a visit to The Clermont Lounge, Atlanta’s oldest strip club, featuring some of the original strippers, a couple of concerts featuring Trivium and Meshuggah as headliners, Tennessee’s big upset over Alabama, and going to see the Falcons trounce the 49ers.

After we wrapped up the conversation about the weekend, we did spend a little time on the wedding day as well. We had a great time reminiscing about everything and look forward to diving into some of the other events of the last couple of weeks during our next episode!



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