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On this episode of Appleboys Podcast, things get off to a rocky start when Josh arrives late to the recording. His performance throughout the episode is struggling, and there is no proper introduction to the podcast.

The episode takes a humorous turn when Josh tells an unfunny dad joke about a hot dog, and a joke is made about him leaving for half an hour. Eventually, Josh leaves the recording altogether, leaving the rest of the team to continue for the next 45-50 minutes. The speaker discusses the podcast’s future plans, including incorporating different perspectives from the members and continuing to record once a week, even if not all four hosts can be present.

They also mention upcoming episodes like a “code liberal takeover” and a possible “Boomer takeover.” Expressing gratitude for their listeners, the speaker encourages them to check out the podcast’s backlog on Spotify for more content, highlighting episodes such as “Dripped In Blood” and “Chicken Bones.”

In a surprising twist, Cory arrives during the outro, creating an unexpected moment for the hosts. The speaker then transitions to another topic, discussing a training situation where someone impresses their trainer with their skills and predicts they will be the top salesperson. They explore the commission-based nature of the job, with the potential for higher earnings for top performers. Encouraging listeners to try something new, the speaker suggests listening to something outside of their usual preferences and interacting on Discord or Twitter.

They express gratitude for the support during a difficult time and express a commitment to continue recording episodes every week. Among the personal anecdotes shared, the speaker talks about the cost of dog food and the discovery that their picky eater dog enjoyed plain chicken and rice. They also introduce a 14-year-old affectionate cat named Ellen that they brought home after a camping trip and the concerns about introducing her to their existing cat.

Another personal story revolves around the speaker’s experience at a festival where they took mushrooms and uppers to enhance their experience. They describe the initial enjoyment of the festival but also the overwhelming stress they felt while going through security. They touch on the assumptions about cellular salespeople and explain how they can actually help customers save money and leave with a better device. Lastly, the speaker shares their experience attending Bonnaroo for the first time and discovering that it’s not just for a specific group of people. They discuss the atmosphere and visuals of the festival, acknowledging the influence of substances on their experience.

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