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***IMPORTANT NOTE: While we did have permission to record at Applebee’s, this episode is not officially sponsored or endorsed by them. All views and opinions expressed within this episode represent the people who expressed them only, not the Appleboys as a whole or the restaurant.***

The Appleboys have a very special celebration of our 1-year anniversary as a podcast, recorded inside the Applebees where it all began! We reflect on some of our favorite moments from our first year and interview some of the regulars to find out what makes Applebees special to them. The Miller Lite was flowing all night long, and in traditional Appleboys style, you hear the episode devolve throughout the course of the evening.

To name everyone we were sad to have missed would be nearly impossible because the list is so long, but we especially missed some of our favorite bartenders, Megan and Andy, as well as Brad, who was actually there when we arrived, but secretly dipped out before we hit record, and Collin, who we would have loved to have been reunited with. While the episode plays like a love letter to Ben, you all mean so much to us!

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this first year! We look forward to many, many more! Check out the full, uncut/unedited version of this episode at over 3 hours in runtime exclusively for Patreon subscribers!




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