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There’s a distinct possibility that two of the stories Josh tells in this episode have been told on the show before. If that turns out to be the case, you’ll get new and exciting details! One of the side effects of drinking while making the show is that details get fuzzy. Jimmy tells us about the Movement Festival in Detroit. Cory, Rob, and Jimmy talk about going to see Nekrogoblikon and GWAR in Chattanooga. We invite Aaron Minich, the keyboardist for Nekrogoblikon to join us for a future episode (make sure to tag him on Instagram @aarynstar if you want him to interview with us!) and invite the Goblin to include us in his shitposting.

Josh tells the story of singing Bodies on stage with Drowning Pool years ago. This may not be the first time he’s told this story on the show. Then Josh tells the story about a Pride & Prejudice video he and some friends made for an English class back in college. It involved a samurai sword, a hot dog penis, a Mitsubishi Eclipse, and ramen noodles. Then of course we get into movies again, with a relatively spoiler-free review of Top Gun: Maverick.



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