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*NOTE* If the length of this episode is intimidating, please know that

the first ~50 minutes or so is a pretty typical episode for us. After

the break, we get into more serious topics like Roe v. Wade, climate

change, economic collapse, bitcoin, and more. If you want a more

traditional Appleboys episode, just listen until the break. If you want

to hear a bit of a change of pace for us, listen to the back half as


This week, Will joins us again in Jimmy’s absence. We introduce our

“Stupid Thoughts With Rob” segment, talk about Josh’s wild dream and

learn that Will has been dreamwalking between universes, we fall into a

bit of old school video game conversation, spend some time talking about

new TV shows like The Old Man, Obi-Wan, Stranger Things season 4, For

All Mankind season 3, and more. Josh gets confused about which actor is

which several times.

After the break, we come in hot with a short solo song from Will, some

high-energy music, and then the heavy stuff.

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Happy Tonight!

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