Appleboys Podcast

Season 3

2023 NFL Preview

Get ready for the 2023 NFL season! We’re previewing each division, bold predictions, standout players, and more on Appleboys Podcast. #NFL2023

Elevator Pitch

In this episode of Appleboys Podcast, we discuss elevator pitches, iPhone magic, advice, and navigating questions about relationships. Don’t miss it!

2 Years Old

– The episode kicks off with a chaotic vacation experience. Josh’s father throws a curveball by choosing a bar over grocery shopping, leaving everyone scrambling to find an alternative. Cue a trip to Walmart that takes longer than anticipated, throwing […]

Dear Abbyboys…

Get ready for some unpredictable and hilarious advice as the Appleboys tackle “Dear Abby” questions in their latest podcast episode!

The Mercator Projection

In this episode, the Appleboys delve into various topics, including their favorite flat Earther video, a terrifying plane experience, and some interesting observations on Google Earth. They also discuss childhood memories, favorite foods, and share some funny and awkward moments. […]

The Broken Episode

On this episode of Appleboys Podcast, things get off to a rocky start when Josh arrives late to the recording. His performance throughout the episode is struggling, and there is no proper introduction to the podcast. The episode takes a […]

The Trojan Horse

On this episode of Appleboys Podcast, Rob, Cory, and Josh dive into a wide range of topics. They start off by sharing an amusing story about a colleague named Jim who was quite a nuisance. From buying things and returning […]

The Found Family

Hear the thrilling conclusion to our two-part true crime series about the Wilson family from Oakville, Iowa! If you’re a podcaster and want to check out Castmagic, please consider using our referral link! Discord: Website: Patreon: […]

Spider Attack

“On this episode of Appleboys Podcast, we cover a range of topics – from a vocal performance by Alex of Slaughter to Prevail to a new device purchased for earwax removal resulting in an accidental eardrum puncture. We also discuss […]

The Vanished Family

And now for something different! Hear the Appleboys dive into the world of true crime podcasting with the story of the Wilson family from Oakville, Iowa. They went missing in July of 2008, and the case has remained unsolved… or […]

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