Appleboys Podcast

Season 2


Josh wins trip to DraftKings World Fantasy Football Championship, Cannibal Corpse concert, another party, Dollywood, and more!

Spotify Wrapped

The intent was to spend the episode talking about food, but Josh tells a story about his son pissing all over the pantry, Rob talks about a serious YouTube video that he watched that he found hilarious, even though it […]

Boneless Wing Swap

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, The Perfect Crime, World Cup, Gam Gam Does Drugs, Public Display of Affection & More!!

Chicken Bones

Jimmy’s back with us this week! We talk about his second San Francisco trip during the month of October, discuss what we might do if we won the $1.9 billion Powerball jackpot, spend some time discussing cars that used to […]

A Song of Ice and Fish

Josh, Robert, and Cory get together the weekend leading up to Cory’s bachelor party to talk about the upcoming weekend. We talk some football, including a hypothetical comparison between Lamar Jackson and Michael Vick. We rank our top 5 favorite […]

The Good Neighbor

Jimmy goes to New York City and San Francisco, breaking his brand new iPhone 14 Pro and sleeping in an airport along the way. Rob checks in on Jimmy’s cats while he’s gone and has an interesting encounter with some […]

The Hobbit Controversy

This episode was recorded on 9/17/2022. Due to a number of technical issues and life events, editing was delayed significantly, leading to publishing more than 2 weeks later. There are a few disjointed cuts in the episode where transitions from […]

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